Watergull Orchards Discovery Apple Juice 750ml



Discovery - Discovery is one of the first apples of the season. It has a characteristic pinky/red skin which if left long enough to ripen on the tree bleeds into the flesh. If pressed at the right time it makes a beautiful pink juice which looks incredible in a clear bottle.

One of the parents is Worcester Pearmain, the other parent is not confirmed. The apple tree was first introduced in 1949 by the Suffolk nurseryman Jack Matthews. The apples are smaller than many others and are produced very early in the season, from August until mid-September. In common with other early producing apple trees the fruits store for only a short period of time, a week at very most. For the maximum storage life keep apples in the fridge. They are best eaten straight after picking and if there is an excess they make excellent apple juice. The apple skin is bright red with small amounts of green and the flesh is a very light cream colour. The apples have a sweet and acidic flavour which suits most people. The texture is hard and crisp with lots of juice.

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