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Cox - We press our cox apples early in the season to give it a light, crisp and refreshing taste. Most growers these days have Queen Cox for the preferred rosey skin colour compared with that of the Cox's Orange Pippin which, as the name suggests, has a slight orange tone to it's skin. Both apples taste very similar otherwise. Most of our juice is made from Queen Cox but we sometimes use Orange Pippin too. We do not differentiate between the two with our cox juice.

Queen Cox is certainly the best known and most traditional British eating apple and is a self-fertile clone of the original 'Cox's Orange Pippin'. This means it needs no other variety to pollinate it, so can be grown alone. The fruits are always crisp when you bite in to them, and are packed with a sweet juice that carries a wonderful sharp, complimentary edge to the flavour. They are normally ready to pick in mid-September. Queen Cox was raised from a self-fertile form of the original Cox's Orange Pippin at the Long Ashton research station near Bristol, England in the 1970's. It is possible the scion material for this development was propagated from a naturally-occurring bud-sport of Cox's Orange Pippin found in an orchard in Berkshire in the 1950's, although the Berkshire form is not self-fertile.

Cox's Orange Pippin was raised by Richard Cox, in Buckinghamshire, England, in the early 19th century. The parentage is unknown but it is possibly a seedling of Ribston Pippin. The original form was not self-fertile, but most trees are the self-fertile form which was standardised by the Long Ashton research station in the 1970s and is somewhat easier to grow. Almost since it was first discovered, Cox's Orange Pippin has featured in the development of new apple varieties, as breeders seek to marry its excellent aromatic flavours with other varieties which might be heavier cropping or have more versatile climate characteristics. Many of these have become excellent varieties in their own right. Cox enthusiasts are likely to find Rubinetteand Queen Cox of particular interest, as these two varieties arguably both match Cox for their outstanding flavours, and maybe even exceed it.

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