Gordon’s London Dry Gin and Tonic 250ml Ready to Drink



Gordon's Gin perfectly mixed with refreshing Tonic, ready to drink in a 250ml can. The perfect mix of Gordon's gin and tonic, with the ease and convenience of ready to drink cans. Best served chilled, or in a glass with ice and lime. Gordon's gin perfectly mixed with tonic water. Perfect to enjoy with friends at home or on the go. The Gordon's Gin & Tonic can ensures that you can take the refreshing taste of a classic Gordon's and Tonic with you. Perfect for picnics in the park or for a quiet night in the Gordon's and tonic can ensures a perfectly balanced G&T every time Established in 1769, Gordon's has 250 years of distilling heritage and has been awarded 4 royal warrants, the first of which was in 1925 by King George V

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