Domestos Regular Blue



Domestos is the UK’s #1 bleach, protecting your home from germs. Domestos thick bleach kills all known germs, dead. Domestos bleach can be used as a toilet cleaner, as well as a multi-purpose cleaner all around your home. Domestos cleaning bleach prevents the build-up of limescale for up to 3x longer. Our bleach provides long lasting germ protection. Use Domestos bleach with a toilet block for maximum freshness. New Domestos Extended Power is our next generation of bleach with anti-limescale active molecules. When it comes to bleach, nothing protects as long as Domestos bleach. The Extended Power formula of new Domestos bleach gives you the longest lasting protection from germs, whilst preventing the build-up of limescale, which is where germs grow. Germs watch out! Known as the ultimate weapon with which to fight dirt and germs, Domestos thick bleach is the No.1 Bleach and No.1 Toilet Brand in the UK. We’ve been protecting families against germs since 1929.

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