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Pop a Canderel® Sweetener tablet in your daily cup of tea, coffee, lemonade or protein shake to get instant sweetness without all the calories. The sweetener tablets are calorie-free per serving and provide just the right amount of sweetness to your drinks. 1 Canderel® tablet has Zero (0) calories vs. 1 teaspoon of sugar (16 calories). Canderel® tablets are suitable for diabetics, have a delicious sweet taste and are perfect for those who dislike the bitter aftertaste of other sweeteners. The 100 tablets come in a pocket friendly dispenser - perfect sugar alternative for every drink on the go. Canderel® tablets are safe for lacto-vegetarian and kosher diets. Canderel® Original sweetener tablets are a low-calorie sugar alternative for hot and cold drinks alike. No-calories per serving, but all the sweet taste. Each tablet instantly dissolves in your drinks giving just the right amount of sweetness. This perfect sugar alternative helps to limit sugar consumption, is zero-calorie (per serving), and is suitable for lacto-vegetarian and Kosher diets. The handy 100 tablet pack size is great for carrying on the move and with zero calories per tablet, it's a great sugar substitute for hot drinks on the go. Each Canderel® sweetener tablet is zero calories and equivalent in sweetness to 1 teaspoon (4g) of sugar Canderel® gives your hot drinks the delicious sweet taste you love without all the calories Less Calories, Less Sugar, Less Worries Go Your Own Sweet Way with Canderel®

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