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Suitable for vegans. Low alcohol beer. Amplified. Beer was never meant to be monotonous or mass produced which is why we at BrewDog are on a crusade to create the holy grail of craft beers. On our quest, we've amped up ales and punked IPAs but where does it say low alcohol beer can't pack a heavyweight punch to the palate as well? Plug in, kick back and enjoy as we welcome to the stage the world's first low alcohol beer officially cranked up to ll. At BrewDog we brew uncompromising, bold and irrelevant beer. Beer with a soul and a purpose. It's the only thing we know. It's the only thing we want to know. We have a terminal craziness to make the beers we want to drink. Our approach is a modern day rebellion for flavour and choice. A mad last-ditch stand to create beer that actually tastes of something. Beer like it was. Beer like it will be. Ditch the mainstream and say hello to BrewDog.

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