Adnams Southwold Select Champagne Brut 75cl



Fresh & Effusive

The Adnams Champagne from the Marne Valley is a powerful golden yellow wine, made using 80% Pinot Meunier and 20% chardonnay. It has scents of dried flowers and notes of fresh, ripe fruit.

The vineyards that produce the grapes for this Champagne are located in and around the beautiful village of Vincelles. Pinot Meunier gives the wine a real maturity, while the Chardonnay brings structure and elegance.

There is nothing like a Champagne to mark a special occasion, and our champagne is the ideal choice for any and every one of them. We wholeheartedly pin our name to this fresh, effusive Champagne with its appealing, citrusy fruit.

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